Help From Spouse's Friends

Contact your own personal network, but don't forget that your spouse or significant other has a different circle of friends. When the oil field was down, Tom Jacob got a good job through his wife. Her best friend's husband was a senior executive in a major oil company. You can take this one step further by asking your business friends to write to their key contacts on your behalf.
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September 24, 20––

John and Joan Emerson
300 Nightingale Street
Hatboro, Pennsylvania 19040

Dear John and Joan,

We are looking for some advice and assistance from friends.

As you may know, on July lst, Electronics, Inc. sold the Colorado Springs facility to a small company based in California. As a result, Dick's job was eliminated. In addition, Electronics, Inc. is currently going through a major restructuring process which prevents us from continuing his 22 year career with them by relocating to another facility. Consequently, we have made a career decision to enter the job market.

Dick would like to continue his financial management career. Enclosed is an outline of his job preference characteristics. As you can see, he is open to a broad range of industries, and we are willing to relocate to other parts of the country. Please keep in mind that these characteristics are preferences, not absolutes, and therefore Dick and I are open to most opportunities.

If you know or become aware of any business associates, friends, or acquaintances who may be in the market for someone with Dick's abilities, please give them a copy of the enclosed resume, and send us their names so we can contact them personally.

We are excited about the prospect for change and we hope that you can help us make it a positive change. In the meantime, Dick is doing some temporary consulting, Jared has started kindergarten, and we are getting along just fine.

We would appreciate any assistance that you can provide.

Thanks for helping,

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