After Phone Call With Recruiter For Engineering/Marketing

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June 30, 20––

Mr. James D. Wilson
Executive Recruiters, Inc.
6100 Lake Forest Drive, Suite 265
Atlanta, Georgia 30327

Dear Jim:

I hope by now you've had a good long weekend with your family in Arkansas and find yourself restored and looking forward to the rest of this short week.

Here are the two documents we talked about:
  • My resume (which touches only briefly on my engineering background since my objective is a marketing management position), and...
  • The professional profile I mentioned, which focuses on what I feel are my strongest suits.

As I mentioned, we are now quite open to relocation, having combed this area pretty thoroughly.

If you have any questions, need references, or want to discuss a potential opportunity to fill a client's requirement, please give me a call.

My very best regards,

W. A. Steinhour
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