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April 29, 20––

Ms. Jane Peters
Corporate Search Consultants
324 Wall Street
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

Dear Ms. Peters,

I joined The Worthington Corporation ten years ago when it was a $100 million company and played a major role in its growth to $2 billion.

However, I've progressed as far as possible. (My boss, the Vice President of Finance, is appointed by the German parent company.) As a result, I've decided to seek a new opportunity. Rather than moving into another large organization, I'd prefer a smaller, more entrepreneurial environment. The following profile may be helpful in focusing this search:

   1. Desired Positions 
CFO or Vice President Finance and Administration
   2. Desired Duties and Responsibilities
a) corporate finance, including capital markets and bank relations; b) treasury, including cash management and investments; c) tax planning; d) accounting; e) mergers and acquisitions; and f) employee benefits.
   3. Preferred Companies and Industries
$10 to $200 million, public or privately held. Almost any industries, except: a) banking, b) real estate, c) non-profit, and d) financial services.

   4. Geography
Willing to relocate.

   5. Compensation
$X to $Y, depending upon bonus or equity opportunities.

Please review my background in light of your current search assignments, and contact me regarding positions that require my background and experience.

With best wishes,
Michael Herbert

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