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200 West Broad St. | Columbus, Ohio 43215
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May 12, 20––

Ms.Sandra Rushadin
Executive Recruiter
Rushadin Search Group
100 Overland Street
Boston, MA 02215

Dear Ms.Rushadin:

I have heard about your excellent search work from Bill Frank, a well-connected colleague, who also mentioned now would be a particularly good time to contact you. He heard you have a search in progress for an exceptional sales/marketing executive where I would be a strong candidate. It's unlikely you would find me through normal channels (I recently sold a profitable business I started here in Columbus), so I'm writing to you instead.

My entrepreneurial and management skills will make your client money--quickly. Here are some accomplishments you should know about:

    As Business Unit Manager of International Paper's Consumer Packaging Division, I led the sales/marketing team that achieved record sales growth of $35 million in only three years, and drove four other Fortune 500 manufacturers out of our markets permanently

    With sales, marketing, operations, and finance reporting to me, my SBU's products achieved the #1 industry market share with profit margins increasing five consecutive years.

    I conceived and introduced several products which became packaging industry standards and now contribute sales of $70 million+. This leadership required substantial corporate investment in five new manufacturing facilities all of which met or exceeded corporate return on investment hurdle rates, well ahead of schedule.

    With key senior executives of customer organizations, I personally negotiated numerous $multi-million, multi-year dominant or sole supplier contracts. These critical customer/supplier relationships required development and implementation of state-of-the-art QAQC, JIT and manufacturing cost reduction programs. I led the division into these areas.

I will quickly repeat these successes for your client and look forward to returning to the team manufacturing/marketing environment where I excel. Please call me at your earliest convenience--I will move quickly on an outstanding officer-level or general manager opportunity.


H. David Patterson

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