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Letters have always worked well for me. I love writing them, and love seeing the results. I've used them for: 1) college course descriptions, 2) proposals, 3) getting new business, 4) collections, 5) thank you's, 6) getting media attention for myself and others, and for many other purposes.

I can always tell when a letter "feels right." Everything comes together and it "sings" (to quote a writing teacher). I just know in my heart it's going to work.

This particular letter was a great one. I was doing freelance PR and marketing for small professional firms--MDs, dentists, lawyers, financial planners--and decided I wanted more business. The letter was directed to medical doctors who are facing increasing competition.

The opening headline "Are you a good candidate for PR?" is ideal. But the bullets that follow are even better--because most of them must be answered, "Yes!"

Take this bullet, for example: "Are you already successful, desiring more success?" What physician is going to say, "No, I'm not successful. I don't want more success?"

I sent along a reply form, and got several positive responses. This letter could be changed to work for almost any consultant or service provider. Give it a try.
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February 3, 20––

Dr. Charles D. Crane
American Geriatric Society
1503 Downing Street
Denver, Colorado 80218

Dear Dr. Crane:

Are you a good candidate for PR?

  • On the cutting edge of your profession?
  • Doing something new and different that the public needs to know?
  • Enthusiastic about what you're doing?
  • Already successful, desiring more success?
Are you concerned about increased competition in your field?
  • In 1970 there were 310,000 doctors; in the year 2000 there are likely to be 643,000.
  • Private Practice magazine says that "doctors must realize that no matter where they went to medical school or how 'board certifiable' they are, they are not guaranteed a successful practice." (July 20--)
  • "Physicians feel they are under siege," says Dr. Richard Wilbur, Executive Vice President of the Council of Medical Specialty Societies.

Public relations (PR) can help you specialize or increase the size of your practice without advertising.

(Last year one of our clients received free radio, television and newspaper interviews worth $28,824.50. Another doctor added 250 patients to his practice.)

If the topic of "practice-building" interests you, I'd like to visit your office to show you what we do and explain the results others have gotten.

Please return the enclosed response letter, or call 303-790-0505.

Warm personal regards,

William S. Frank



Dr. Charles D. Crane
American Geriatric Society
1503 Downing Street
Denver, Colorado 80218

Mr. Bill Frank
Bill Frank & Associates
10475 Park Meadows Drive, Ste. 600
Lone Tree, CO 80124-5437

Dear Bill:

l. ___ Please call me for an appointment.

2. ___ Send your brochure and written materials.

3. ___ I don't need your services right now, but I would like to find out more about what you do.

4. ___ Send articles on marketing for physicians.

5. ___ Let's discuss a marketing seminar for our group.

6. ___ Please keep me on your mailing list.

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