Letter And Response Form For Part-Time Human Resources

6393 South Monaco Court | Englewood, CO 80111
C: 303-220-7826 | H: 303-209-5783 | rjones@gmail.com

March 4, 20––

Mr. James D. McMurphy
Senior Vice President
Bank Western
1675 Broadway, Suite 800
Denver, CO 80202

Dear Jim,

Wouldn't it be great to hire a part-time HR professional when you're short-handed...or have an emergency project you needed yesterday?

With more than 20 years hands-on human resources management experience in...
  • classification
  • employee relations
  • interviewing
  • HRIS and system design
  • policy formulation
  • terminations
  • performance appraisals

I can help you quickly.

I've recently been doing contract work in...
  •  compensation surveys
  •  salary structure application
  •  exit surveys
  •  turnover analyses
  •  special employee surveys
  •  new-hire orientation program design
  •  report preparation

and I'm looking for additional part time or special projects work. My job is to make your job easier.

Please call me at 303-220-7826...or return the enclosed postage-paid response form and I will call you quickly.

With best wishes,

Robert W. Jones

P.S. My IBM-compatible PC with WordPerfect and Lotus 3.1 can handle sophisticated analysis and reporting. (I'm an expert in Lotus!)

Robert W. Jones
6393 South Monaco Court
Englewood, CO 80111
C: 303-220-7826
H: 303-209-5783

From:     Mr. James D. McMurphy
Bank Western
Dear Bob,    
_____     I'd like to meet with you.
_____     Please call this number for an appointment:______________
_____     Let's talk on the phone--call me at (number)_____________
_____     I don't have anything now, but call me in _______ days
_____     I don't anticipate any requirement for your services, but you might try the manager listed below:

Name _______________________________________
Title ________________________________________
Company ____________________________________
Street Address ________________________________
Telephone ___________________________________
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