Letter And Response Form For Sales

Few job-seekers have as difficult a situation as Jim. Laid off in a small rural town when the oil field crashed, he lost both his job and his home. His family relocated to Denver without really knowing what the future would hold. But Jim is an optimist, and for an optimist the future is always bright.

Here's how his letter was created. I asked him to talk about sales: his philosophies, his approaches, his values. I recorded everything he said. When he finished, we put his key ideas into a sales letter format. We targeted the letter only to companies in Jim's zip code. For an added bang, we added a "response letter."

The package worked beautifully. Jim got lots of calls and interviews. Best of all, he found the job he wanted close to his new home.
1969 East 116th Avenue | Northglenn, Colorado 80233
H: 303-450-9587 | C: 720-569-8152 | jprecup@yahoo.com

September 25, 20––

Mrs. Beverly Richard, President
Intrawest Bank of Northglenn
10701 Melody Drive
Northglenn, Colorado 80234

Dear Ms. Richard:

Most people can't sell!

They're doing a job they don't wish to do.

It isn't natural for them.

For me, sales is natural.

      I'm a trained professional.
      I'll hit the ground running.
      No downtime.
      Quick start-up!

I'll start producing sales for you immediately--tomorrow.

If you'd like to learn how you can improve sales TOMORROW, please telephone me at your earliest convenience, or return the enclosed postage-paid questionnaire.


Jim Precup


From: _______________________________


Dear Jim:

___ I'd like to meet you. Please call (number)______________ for an appointment.

___ I'd be willing to talk with you on the telephone to trade ideas. Call me at number)______________

___ You're talking to the wrong person. You should contact:

      Name ______________________________________________________

      Title _______________________________________________________

      Phone _____________________________________________________

___ We're not hiring now. Re-contact me after_________________________

___ We're not hiring now. Try this company:

      Name ______________________________________________________

      Title ________________________________________________________

      Company ___________________________________________________

      Street Address _______________________________________________

      Telephone ___________________________________________________

___ You have my name and title wrong. It should read:

      Name _______________________________________________________

      Title ________________________________________________________





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