Sales Letter For Product Manager

2828 North Mobile | Chicago, Illinois 60634
H: 504-555-1212 | C: 504-857-1356 |

January 29, 20––

Eric Erickson
Plant Manager
Baxter Pharmaseal
11060 Irma Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60630

Dear Mr. Erickson:


The last time I went to bat, I hit a home run! Let me have the opportunity to join your successful team, and I can hit a home run for you.

Here are just a few batting statistics for you to consider:

    * Developed, packaged, documented, advertised, and spearheaded marketing and sales effort for new computer software product that attained "premier" status in the Cardiology Marketplace.

    * Developed advertising and promotional pieces that led to 175 sales leads in a 12-month period.

    * Conducted field sales presentations and seminars to an audience of physicians, nurses, clinicians, and hospital administrative personnel. Achieved 100% close ratio.

Want to hear more? I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss not only my portfolio, but also how I can be a successful member of your team.

Let's go to the World Series! Please call me at 504-555-1212 at your earliest convenience.


Judy K. Ramirez
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