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This letter includes a story. Alan Jessen, the writer, sent me these words describing his results:

"I'm writing to thank you for that wonderful compendium of job seeking letters -- your book 200 Letters For Job Hunters . AND . . . I should give you the good news that following your prescriptions landed me a job from a cold call.

I moved back to my home town of Cedar Falls, Iowa (Population 35,000). First I sent out a letter to friends and family. From 35 letters, I received four job interviews and opportunities. Then I mailed to 17 of the largest employers (50 employees and up). I called them back and got one interview which resulted in a career opportunity in sales and management."
1600 Campus Street | Cedar Falls, IA 50613
H: 383-555-1212 | C: 383-585-1855 |

September 13, 20––

Mr. Mark Winter
120 East 9th Street
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Dear Mr. Winter,

Did you know that the BEST PRO TEAMS draft for athletic ability not for the specific position?

It's the simple and smart thing to do: get the best people and train them!

  •   Graduate of NU High and Grinnell College
  •   Just moved back to "Hometown"
  •   Future civic leader

I'm thoroughly excited about the challenge of finding a new career. I hope you are equally challenged about finding a place for me in your organization (and, yes, I do know how hard it is.)


Bring creative ideas, new energy and 15 years of sales, marketing and
executive small business experience with me to join your winning team.
Beef up the firepower of your sales team with my proven winning
Add an intelligent, loyal manager with great people skills and bottom
line experience to contribute to your growing company.

Thank you in advance for taking a moment of your valuable time to consider this appeal. Any help or advice that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a copy of my resume for your review. I'll call in a few days to get your thoughts and reactions.

Very truly yours,

Alan Jessen
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