Thank You After Lunch For Finance/Admin

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October 14, 20––

Dr. Peter A. Firmin
M+A International, Inc.
600 South Cherry Street, Suite 1125
Denver, Colorado 80222-1712

Dear Peter:

Thank you for the time you spent with me at lunch October 13. I am working on the many suggestions and ideas you raised during lunch. I will keep you posted on my progress in this job search.

I have put together the enclosed recap of my Administrative and Finance Capabilities in order to market myself for what I believe will be the most productive and exciting years of my life. Should you become aware of any of your business associates or friends who may be in the market for new blood and innovative thinking, I would appreciate your sending them a copy of my resume or capabilities recap.

Any additional advice that you can give me at this exciting time in my life would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I thought you might enjoy a couple of newspaper articles about M+A International, Inc. from the October 13, Denver Post.

With warmest thanks,

Bruce D. Robertson, CPA

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