Resume In Letter Format For Finance Or Senior Management

Great example of a letter that briefly explains a 25-year career. Use this idea when caught without a current resume.
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September 4, 20—

Mr. William T. Dewar
Executive Vice President
7800 Orchard, Suite 200
Englewood, Colorado 80111

Dear Mr. Dewar:

I understand that you are looking to fill a key management position in your Controller's department. I would like to be considered for that position.

The enclosed excerpt from Fortune magazine describes what I am doing now and how I got there. My investment advisory practice is successful and growing, but it does not use enough of the skills and competencies I have spent a lifetime building.

My background is in finance. I earned an MBA in finance from Stanford in 19--. Upon graduation, I went to work for Amoco in a small group that did strategic planning, capital budgeting, and merger and acquisition work. Amoco, at that time, was a leader in this area, and we completed some very significant acquisitions during this period.

From this position, I went to Collins Chemical, Amoco's fertilizer subsidiary, where I was a principal architect of the strategy that brought the company from an $11 million loss to profitability. Then in 19--, I moved to Denver to take charge of the administrative, financial and later, the domestic and international acquisition areas, for Amoco's Minerals department.

After Amoco was acquired by Dow Chemical Company, I became Executive Assistant to the Chairman of Bender Coal, where I worked on problems in the capital expenditure and cash flow areas that arose from the merger. In late 19--, I left Amoco to join InTek as Executive Vice President in their troubled oil and gas operation. Later, I became President of this company. The Fortune article sets out the rest.

My experience in finance, organization and business has been both extensive and varied. I am a "pro." My background is finance, but my success has been due to my ability to work well with people, whether negotiating with officials of foreign governments or leading management teams in turnaround situations.

I have a lot to offer, and would like to put it to better use. Even if my information is wrong about the position in your Controller's department, I would like to meet you and get your advice. I will be in touch with you in the next few days to ask if I might schedule a few moments with you.

Yours truly,

Michael D. Burns

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