Part-Time Work As Accountant

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May 6, 20—

Mr. William S. Frank
10475 Park Meadows Drive, Ste. 600
Lone Tree, CO 80124-5437

Dear Mr. Frank:

Is your company under PRESSURE?

Are your employees OVERWORKED?

Are DEADLINES difficult to meet?

Wouldn't it be great to have:

* Experienced * * Efficient * * Part-Time Help *

to alleviate the stress!

Nancy Yoshida
  • has ten years' experience in accounting
  • maintains a high level of productivity and accuracy
  • uses superior verbal and written communication skills
  • listens effectively
  • is self-directed
  • likes to learn
  • has a valuable ability to organize
  • is adaptable
  • is cooperative
Nancy enjoys:
  • team problem solving and development
  • coordinating
  • client relations
  • instructing
  • promoting a growth-oriented environment

Let's discuss how we could work together. Call 303-771-4232.


Nancy Yoshida
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