Part-Time Work As CPA

3182 South Holly Street | Denver, Colorado 80222
H: 303-756-7434 | W: 303-779-1417 |

March 6, 20—

Ms. Loretta B. Hazen
Vice President Administration
The Weyerhauser Corporation
6000 Stewart Street
Seattle, Washington 98101

Dear Ms. Hazen:

Do you have a one-time overload project?
  • An accounting crisis?
  • A new computer system?
  • A new European operation?
Would you like to hire a part-time financial expert?

Someone who...

  • Established an international consulting firm.
  • Was number two man in a European operation which grew from $5 million in sales to $55 million in sales in two years.
  • Has 17 years of experience in administration and finance.
I'm in the process of a full-time job search, but I would be interested in helping you part time in overload situations.

Please call me at your earliest convenience at 303-779-1417, or return the enclosed postage-paid questionnaire.

Many thanks,

Bruce D. Robertson
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